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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mix Music Sampler

I started a music club called Synergy Music Club (SMC) on a band's forum that I visit last year. The idea is to share unknown or under the radar music so each week a member chooses and then uploads an album on our common email a/c via yousendit and then everyone listens to it and posts their thoughts on that album. I've got introduced to lots of cool artists that way - Architecture in Helsinki, Art Brut, Saul Williams to name a few and I've also turned them on to Clann Zú, Dredg and Poe.
So it was my turn this weekend and this time I decided to do a "mix tape" of sorts...I made a mix of bands I've been grooving to lately...some I've posted about already. Here is the tracklist :
  2. Bang A Drum ~ COLOURBLIND.
  3. Mass Strangulation ~ BLOODBATH.
  4. Behind the Mask of God ~ DEMONIC RESURRECTION.
  5. Lowlife ~ SCANNERS.
  6. Aura On An Asylum Wall ~ KAYO DOT.
  8. Twenty Cell Revolt ~ MENOMENA.
  9. Apple Tree ~ DECLAN DE BARRA.
  10. Payday Loans ~ THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES.
  11. The Brain Is Lost ~ ELLEN ALLIEN.
  12. A Visit From Drum ~ LIARS.
  13. Scherzo # C ~ ZAAR.
  14. Prayers on Fire ~ THE SOUND OF ANIMALS FIGHTING.

Download : Mix Music Sampler (link will expire in 7 days)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Colour Blind

Growing up in the 90's in India when Mtv & Channel [V] - in their early avatars - shaped the musical landscape of teens with a healthy dose of international music (Michael Learns to Rock may be more popular in India and south asia than in their native Denmark) and an equal filling of Bollywood / Indi-pop songs. Sandwiched between the two was the perenially underground Indian rock music. They were no shows or programmed dedicated to the thousands of Indian rock fans scattered all over the country and you were lucky to catch an Indus Creed video at odd hours of the night.

ColourBlind seemed to come out of nowhere and blew away the cynical and generally narrow-minded Indian rock fans with their sound + vision. The production and sound quality surpassed anything being done by other desi rock bands and the video too featuring the sexy Laila Rouass got even non-rockers talking. Watching the video was one of the most defining moment for a lot of rookie rockers of that time and I was one of them.

Mp3 : Blast

Link :

Buy : ColourBlind

Friday, July 07, 2006


Do you like jazz ? Do you like progressive rock ? Well, then Zaar is for you. Fans of King Crimson will especially dig the Fripp-esque guitars and the hurdy-gurdy that comes in place of the mellotron. The musicianship is top-notch as you would expect from a band playing this kind of music and the songs including the 20 minute opener Sefir quiver and fluctuate in tempos and time-signatures. One of the better releases of this year and the album cover is quite interesting too.

Mp3 : Zolg (link will expire in 7 days)
Mp3 : Discasambo (link will expire in 7 days)
Mp3 : Scherzo # C (link will expire in 7 days)

Buy : Zaar