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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Amps

How come nobody thought of naming their band 'The Amps' before 1995 ? Although a very obvious name it sure has a cool ring to it and is instantly memorable. Put together by Kim Deal while The Breeders were on hiatus due to twin sis Kelley Deal's apparent drug addiction, Pacer is a glorified Breeders album but somehow its often skipped by the Breeders and Pixies fans. In a way, its a hidden gem that deserves more ears.

Mp3 : I Am Decided (link will expire in 7 days)

Mp3 : Hoverin' (link will expire in 7 days)

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Destination Anywhere

The last couple years I've been going back and forth, moving around, figuring out the definition of home. This weekend I'm making what might be the final trip back home and to commemorate that I made the following mix : Destination Anwhere.
  1. Destination Anywhere ~ JON BON JOVI.
  2. I Was Young When I Left Home ~ BOB DYLAN.
  3. Directions ~ JOSH ROUSE.
  4. We Never Change ~ COLDPLAY.
  5. The Great Beyond ~ R.E.M.
  6. Long Gone Day ~ MAD SEASON.
  7. Don't Dream Its Over ~ CROWDED HOUSE.
  8. Photographs & Memories ~ JIM CROCE.
  9. Through My Sails ~ NEIL YOUNG.
  10. Innocent When You Dream ~ TOM WAITS.

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